St John's Pre School

St John’s Pre School is an early year’s education provider. We are a friendly, caring setting committed to quality Pre School education, welcoming children for their preschool year. Places are allocated using set criteria and this does not guarantee a place in St John's Catholic Infant School, please see School Admissions Policy for more information.  We also offer wrap around care places for children if required. Children attending  Pre School can be cared for from 7.30am – 5.45pm five days a week during term time. Please click on the link below to see more details.

We have places available and enquiries are now welcome for applications for September 2020, please contact preschool for more information (Phone: 645 5291, Email:

The Governing Body of St John’s Catholic Infant School and Headteacher, Mrs Bulmer, are responsible for the Pre School. The Deputy Headteacher, Miss Sharkey, is responsible for the management of the setting.

The Pre School is based within St John’s Infant School and we have our own entrance and outdoor learning / play area.

Our Pre-School Staff

Early Years Manager:  Miss Catherine Sharkey (Deputy Headteacher)

Pre School Business Manager:  Mrs Bernadette Kirwan

Teacher:  Mrs Kelly Kirwan

Senior L3 Pre-School Practitioner:  Mrs Elaine McGill

L3 Pre-School Practitioner:  Mrs Allison Castle

L2 Pre-School Practitioner:  Mrs Helen Ward

L2 Pre-School Practitioner:  Miss Tammy Williams

L1 Pre-School Practitioner:  Mrs Lyn Ferguson

L1 Pre-School Practitioner:  Mrs Leanne Evans

L1 Pre-School Practitioner - Mrs Tina Rhodes

L1 Pre School Practitioner- Miss Bethany Williamson

Pre School Midday Assistants:  Mrs Louise McCarthy, Mrs Tina Rhodes,  Miss Laura Domeville & Miss Denise Goldstein

If you would like to come along for a visit please contact the school to make an appointment – 0151 645 5291.

Click on this link to view our welcome booklet

Please click on the links below to read our Pre-School Briefings/ Newsletters: