Every school day counts!

Children need to attend school regularly to benefit from their education. At St John’s Infants we firmly believe that every lesson counts, as does every day at school. For a child to reach their academic potential high attendance at school is essential. We expect children to attend school if they are fit enough to do so. We believe that our children should enjoy coming to school and we provide a caring and rewarding environment for the children to learn. 

We are focusing on improving our attendance figures across the school this year. Good attendance at school is very important. If you are not in school, you can’t learn. This year we aim to have an attendance percentage of 95% or above. An "Attendance Matters" information leaflet about our attendance policy and how you can help as parents and carers and how we at St John’s will be supporting you can be downloaded below.

We will be rewarding good attendance across the year in a variety of different ways.  Download our policy below to read about them and our expecations for attendance.